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Mzuri Dance embodies all that I love to learn, practice and share. I come home to myself and feel connected to mother earth in the music, the dance, through my love of teaching and performing African music and dance. We can all learn so much from the indigenous knowledge if we can listen.

My Story
Listening to my heart

Music and dance has been at my heart since I could walk and talk. Mum took me to see The Australian Ballet at the Palais Theatre, I was 3 years old and it was like a thunderbolt. My first dance and song composition was in year 2 and by year 3 I was choreographing the year 4's. I found dance making a great way to connect with people in my primary school years and I eventually relied on it at Secondary too. I was completely obsessed with Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and eventually Michael Jackson. ‘Sweet Feet’ was my breakdance name at the City Square and our crew was 'The Chewy Sisters'. I joined the traditional Peruvian dance of Victoria because my bestie was Peruvian Australian and I experienced my first cross cultural African dance training with a cotton-fields slave song and dance that translated “well my arse is bigger than yours”. I was then invited to join Sambole Traditional African Ballet Company by Patrice Lamumba and our first performance was at St Kilda Festival. I had won 1st and then 2nd place the following year in a Dance Australia Ballet Teacher workshop choreography competition in the city of Melbourne and was very much an aspiring choreographer by my late teens. If you are still with me and interested to know more of my story please scroll down page. 

Leaves Falling

"Suzie Mzuri is an excellent proponent and practitioner of dance. I have known her for at least twenty five years and have always been very impressed with her work ethic. Suzie has also traveled to Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana in pursuit of extending her dance and musical skills. To top it all Suzie is also a very good teacher in her field.”

Valanga Khoza

Author,  Artist & Musician


Leaves Falling

"Suzie from Mzuri dance makes magic happen.  Her performance work is a powerful and a positive outlet for creative expression which transcends barriers to participation such as  language,  age,  culture  and gender and truly empowers and motivates. She engages skilfully as a dance performer and as a workshop tutor she communicates openly with all ages and all skill levels.  Her style is energised, inclusive, warm and  fun! Suzie brings an uplifting feeling to all that she does leading to creative, physical and emotional wellbeing"

Jill Morgan AM

Former CEO Multicultural Arts Victoria and Kulcha Multicultural Arts WA. Board Member ECCV & FECCA.

Leaves Falling

"Suzie's classes are super fun and her passion for dance is infectious. Underlying all that she understands different body types and is a highly experienced teacher so you know you're in good hands while you do a class that gets you moving and fit but feels like a joyful party."

Mzuri Student

My Story continued
From Tanzania to Mzuri girl band + babies

Starting Out

Teaching + Gigs

Mzuri Girls +  Afrovival

Jill Morgan AM


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