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We currently offer children's classes through the CLASSES page or through schools. 




We also offer free dance and music programs through our Not for Profit Mzuri dance ArtisTree Fund Inc for more information here: 



If you are a school or would like your child's school to book a Mzuri Dance Incursion/ you want to organise a children's workshop,  please feel free to send an enquiry through and we will reply to set a time to discuss your idea's. 

School Programs

Mzuri Dance Schools programs are aligned with the Victorian School Curriculum 



  • 10 week Artists in Residence


  • School Productions at both Primary and Secondary level


  • Children’s 60 – 90 minute Interactive Cultural Performances

Our practice supports a developmental approach and these objectives outlined are nuanced with the complexity of each setting and are welcome for discussion:


-           An arts program allowing the children to explore space, sound, movement, dynamics, patterns and story to create and realise a performance work that encompasses cultural narratives and the diversity of our world.


-           A creative skills and knowledge building focus so that young people can explore and discover their creative interests, skills, talent and passions to feel a sense of accomplishment and further build on or pursue


-           The practice developed will be realised in a performance setting and will explore imagination, our natural world, cultural diversity, local story and themes that reflect the imaginations or real lives of the children and the school community


-           The weekly program creates a connected and positive social and creative space for the young participants that they can attend on a regular basis fostering relationships, predictability, patterns, curiosity, exploration and reflection.


-           The project will be a safe and encouraging space for creative practice, where they can feel they belong to the activities and their group, and their ideas, contributions, identity and culture are valued


-           Our purpose is to also facilitate a creative project that supports positive mental health, social connection, community well-being outcomes through access to the arts and trauma informed arts and movement practice


-           Providing access to the arts for young people who might be at risk, disengaged from learning at school, or who are marginalised or disadvantaged in the wider community 


-           For young people who have been identified as in need of opportunities for engagement, connection, building communication skills, creative skills and self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-regulation


-           For young migrant people to experience new pathways, increase their opportunity to develop and grow as well as find new ways for interconnection and communication between themselves, home, family life and school life ( this objective requires the support of a parental engagement officer and well-being staff)  


-           This multi-age platformed project will also be bringing people together through the exploration of new and old forms of cultural dance practices from around the world with attention toward traditional or indigenous culture as well as African music, dance, story and songlines

Mzuri Arts and Cultural education facilitates learning and development of student's cultural appreciation, cultural awareness and the value in understanding culture, diversity in arts experience, and the significance of 'knowledge keeping' as a means to learn and grow as a person and community.

We empower young people to grow in personal and social development as well as musical and creative development through dance, music and performance.

Suzanne with Mzuri Dance has facilitated small and large scale primary and secondary schools projects since 1992. 

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