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Fitzroy Children's group + youth Group 

See them performing at the African Music and Cultural Festivals 

 Mzuri Dance in COMMUNITY 

In early 2000's EACACOV (East + Central African Communities of Victoria) invited Suzie to bring her knowledge -based on her training from Bagamoyo College of Arts, Tanzania - across to the East African children's playgroup and Atherton Gardens community to work with young people and families. 

atherton gardens kids program.jpg


Ayel Akot joined the programs as a student.  Suzie recognised Ayel's talent, dedication and potential and began mentoring Ayel funded through EACACOV and Jesuit Social Services.

Ayel and Suzie began to collaborate on many projects over the years. They now continue promoting cultural awareness, sharing in cultural knowledge and learning with the community together in their dance, music and performances 



Suzie has now been creating and presenting performance art with the Fitzroy community for 18 years and for Ayel 12 years. This has been through the mentorship and support of African Communities Foundation Australia, (formerly EACACOV) which have now invited Mzuri Dance to coordinate and facilitate a home workclub/ life skills at Fitzroy which has now been running for the past 5 years with the support of ACF + CMY.

mzuri kids perform at ACFA.jpg
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