Suzanne ‘Mzuri’ Watts is an ongoing learning enthochoreologist from 30 years research, study, practice and professional work in regional African music and dance from Tanzania, Congo (DRC) and Southern Africa. B. Ed Rusden ( Language Literature Dance) Her work as a choreographer and professional dancer, vocalist and percussionist also spans 25 years collaborating and performing by invitation with African Bands Musiki Manjaro, King Bell and Soukous Ba Congo and Randy and the Jah Roots, Sambole, Afrovival, Waraco Musica, Thula Sana, Matata Sound, KotokoMa and more. Performances include Womad Main Stage, MCG, Hamer Hall and Opening Ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games - all of which were African dance and music performances. Suzie was given the name "Mzuri" by So Kalmery a Congolese musician who Suzie toured with in France in the 1990's, thus founded her name Mzuri Dance in 1995. With the rich knowledge skill set and experience Suzie now has as an accomplished artistic director of African dance performances for Commonwealth Games, Hamer Hall commissioned by Joe Malatji of South Africa and African dance workshops and performances commissioned by African Music Cultural Festival, Suzie now dedicates her work to culture and skills sharing projects to support and facilitate African Australian young people and emerging artists to build their own careers from music dance and performance making. Mzuri Dance also facilitates and delivers 'for purpose' projects and actions focused on social and artistic outcomes for communities and individuals which also strengthen community connections and create engagement and participation, working towards 'closing the gap' for marginalised groups, refugee communities and under represented artists. These projects have been the work of the last 15 years and have primarily been mentored and championed by African Communities Foundation Australia, formerly known as EACACOV - East and Central African Communities Foundation Australia.



"Suzie Mzuri is an excellent proponent and practitioner of dance. I have known her for at least twenty five years and have always been very impressed with her work ethic. Suzie has also traveled to Tanzania, South Africa and Botswana in pursuit of extending her dance and musical skills. To top it all Suzie is also a very good teacher in her field.”



"Suzie from Mzuri dance makes magic happen.  Her performance work is a powerful and a positive outlet for creative expression which transcends barriers to participation such as  language,  age,  culture  and gender and truly empowers and motivates. She engages skilfully as a dance performer and as a workshop tutor she communicates openly with all ages and all skill levels.  Her style is energised, inclusive, warm and  fun! Suzie brings an uplifting feeling to all that she does leading to creative, physical and emotional wellbeing"

jill Morgan am

former CEO Multicultural Arts Victoria and Kulcha Multicultural Arts WA. Board Member ECCV & FECCA.

"Suzie's classes are super fun and her passion for dance is infectious. Underlying all that she understands different body types and is a highly experienced teacher so you know you're in good hands while you do a class that gets you moving and fit but feels like a joyful party."





The Jamaican Dancehall- African Street Dance fusion



FROM Bagamoyo TO Mzuri girl band and Babies






FROM Bagamoyo TO Mzuri girl band and Babies

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Mzuri Dance create, practice and engage on the lands of the Wurundjeri people and we wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners. We would also like to pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, and Aboriginal Elders of other communities.


Mzuri Dance acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present and emerging.

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