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Welcome to Mzuri Dance ArtisTree
Wominjenka is Woi-wurrung word for Welcome
, or 'come with purpose'

Mzuri Dance creative practice and work impacts upon lands and waters over which a number of First Nations’ Traditional Owner and language groups hold custodianship. We live on Wurundjeri Country of the Kulin Nation and pay my respects to elders past and present. 


The land we live and create on was never ceded and will always belong to the traditional custodians of the land. I pay my respects to the custodians of this land who lived sustainably and looked after the birds, insects, animals, waterways and land, life, earth and her natural resources.  

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People. Culture. Creatives. 

Mzuri Dance ArtisTree is a social enterprise dance and music arts facilitation service. We provide professional performances, classes and workshops specialising in African music and dance.

The Services We Bring 

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We Are Colourful

Mzuri Dance ArtisTree presents We Are Colourful - Dances of Culture, Connection, and Belonging.
28 Year Celebration.

Saturday 12th August 2023,
Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford VIC Australia

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Congratulations to Mzuri Dance and Mzuri Dance ArtisTree Fund 

A snapshot of Mzuri Dance ArtisTree recent project CULTURE CLUB funded by Vic Health 

Leaves Falling

Testimonials for our Creative Director...

“Suzanne displays great professionalism & has devoted many years to the promulgation of roots music…  Her group also displays creativity in blending these elements with rap (raggamuffin dancehall), jazz, folk and other contemporary music.    A handy competent vocalist, dancer, percussionist, drummer. Suzanne displays the confidence skills in ensemble work that comes from knowledge, first as a pupil & later as a teacher workshop clinician of these skills.”

Professor Bob Sedergreen

The Team - updates coming soon..