"We connect, learn, create + transform
with each other in our cultural landscape

1995 - to date"
Suzanne Mzuri Watts - Founder + Director of Mzuri Dance

 Current  Project

Meet Mzuri Artists Ayel + Suzanne - recent Arts grants recipients
for 'We are Colouful'  in Yarra 2021

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Current Program

Leaves Falling

“Suzanne displays great professionalism & has devoted many years to the promulgation of roots music…  Her group also displays creativity in blending these elements with rap (ragamuffin dancehall), jazz, folk and other contemporary music.    A handy competent vocalist, dancer, percussionist, drummer. Suzanne displays the confidence skills in ensemble work that comes from knowledge, first as a pupil & later as a teacher workshop clinician of these skills.”

Professor Bob Sedergreen

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Our Public Dance + Arts Program's are currently booked to capacity

New program release in July 2021