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It awakens, it is simple, it's free-ing, sensual, healthy + best of all - fun!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Picture above of Mzuri Dance home girls busting out their Mzuri dance drills down the floor.

Body mind soul therapy through the healing power of dance is a timeless ritual for women throughout the ages, re-connecting to our inner self through the experience of our body directing its own movement is medicine!

@mzurilife Just looking at this pic of my home grown Mzuri dance class sends off all my happy hormones and I instantly feel connected to my music, dance and all the wonderful women I have danced with in my life. As you dance you are allowing your chi to flow and cycle through the body which will free up stagnation and detoxify and oxygenate every cell in your body, and clearing your mental headspace in the process. As you dance in alignment with your true energy, you naturally connect into the vagus nerve which interfaces with the parasympathetic control of your heart, lungs and digestion. Allowing rest, nourishment and restoration to the body and mind. And then to dance together just adds that extra joyous dimension of connecting with your fellow humans, your sisterfolk, a community of people all sharing the experience! But you can still do it all by your lonesome! I know you can find your motivation to grab a speaker/ phone/ device, choose some music that sparks some joy, clear a 1metre x 1 metre space for your body, arms n legs, and dance on sister, bust your best moves and nourish your mind body and soul! If you really do get to dancing from reading this send me a sign, video or message of how you feel after dancing!!

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