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vegie gardens, earth, sky and us!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A bit of green, organic produce in your daily diet is a goody if you want to feel vital and get the benefits of fresh vitamin infused goodness. It is never too late to start up a small vegie patch if you are still wondering if it is worth it - yes it is! We love our vegie garden. We have raised beds front and back and they all do really well, even with only half the amount of sun they probably want. We get to pick and chop and eat fresh herbs and greens every day and its delicious.

I hope this message gets you inspired to get your compost and worm farm crancking and connect with your local council or vegie garden local community for some support and connection in getting it set up! Or contact me for some further tips on the vegie front as I am happy to give more inspiration and links etc to help make it happen for you!

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